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  • My experience should be a lesson to everyone. Take the time to look after your health. You can’t do your best at fishing or anything else unless you’re rested, healthy and alert. Note that I put rest first. Rest is not something that’s nice when you can get it. It’s an absolute necessity.

    I can’t take all the credit for my turnaround, however. The thing that’s really helped me — something that I haven’t mentioned until now — has been a vitamin and supplement recommended by Gary Klein. It’s made by Blackfish 5. I take Motion 5 for my body and Kratos Max for my mind.

    I started taking it late last year and had a couple of better events at the end. I took it through the winter and you can see what it’s done for me so far this year. Without it I’m not sure I’d be where I am today in the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings.

    Mark Davis - Major League Fishing Motion 5/ Kratos Max
  • I have only used your products for 4 weeks and I have to admit that I’m thoroughly impressed with all of them. Normally after a tournament fishing weekend, I’m too tired to work out on Monday the first time I tried the Rebound X2 the night before and the Kratos Max prior to working out I was not only able to work out but I felt totally energized and motivated. The Motion 5 which I am sadly out of has completely eliminated my shoulder pain and greatly reduced my dependence on anti-inflammatory for lower back pain. So far I'm a firm believer in Blackfish 5.

    Jim Motion 5/Rebound X2/ Kratos Max
  • First I want to thank you for making a great product. I am a recent below the knee amputee. I started taking your products last week and I have kept a journal and I can say that my energy levels after taking your pre workout pills are incredible and I do not get the itchy or jitters like other pre workouts. I also enjoy the post workout and notice that I am not as sore on the third day after a stressful workout. I have been taking the joint supplement but I have not noticed a major change yet, but maybe it takes a little time to kick in. I will be leaving for our Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio next week. Thanks for a great product.

    Jake - Green Beret Kratos Max/Rebound X2
  • I ran out of the Motion 5 and will run out of the Kratos MAX soon; this is more of a compliment than anything. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I believe the Motion 5 has actually really been helping me recover on a bad knee after workouts and cardio work. I think the Kratos MAX has worked better in split doses now for me. I take 2 in the morning and 2 after lunch. The Motion 5 I take at night and the first thing in the morning.

    I only take the Rebound X2 after strenuous weight workouts and I mix with protein powder. I'm very skeptical about meds, chemicals, etc in my body because of all my dietary issues there for a couple of years. But I'm pretty bummed about running out of the Motion 5. I didn't even realize it until last night when I took the last two.

    I just wanted to say thanks for this incredible premium product and that I really thought I could tell a difference in my recovery the last month or so with my strenuous workload.

    Jason – Wired2Fish, Inc. Motion 5 / Kratos MAX / Rebound X2
  • Within 12 days of starting Motion5, I experienced my first pain free day in over 15 years. After a Special Operation Forces career of extreme training, multiple deployments, and an injury list a mile long, even everyday life was a struggle. Chronic back pain, destroyed shoulder, shot knees...all in check and manageable! I couple Rebound X2 with Motion5 at the end of an intense day at work or tournament fishing and I am ready to go the next morning. To say this product was life changing for me is an understatement. Thanks Blackfish5!

    Special Operation Forces - Mark Motion 5 / Rebound X2
  • I would like to tell you how much I am taken back by the Blackfish 5 products I have taken over the last month. Each product has had an effect on my life, and I can't express enough thanks for introducing these products to me.

    Motion 5: Over the last 16 years of Active Duty service and 13 years old those in Special Operations Forces, I have never taken a product that has relieved pain in my joints like Motion 5 has done. The last two years I have felt a significant increase of aches and pain in my hands and knees from training and deployments. After taking Motion after one month, the pain in my hand has been eliminated, and the pain in my knees has decreased dramatically. I am excited to see what the next month of taking this product will do for my health.

    Kratos: This product has increased my everyday energy and focus during and after workouts. I have taken multiple energy supplements before and often experience a surge of energy followed by a crashing period. After taking Kratos for over two weeks now, it does not give me a surge of energy followed by a crashing period. It is a sustained period of energy which lasts for hours. Furthermore, I feel like I get more accomplished after my workouts. After I take Kratos, I feel that I have more energy and time in the day because I do not feel tired or lethargic throughout the day. It is changing the way I operate at work.

    Special Operation Forces - Mike Motion 5 / Kratos Max
  • I really like this pre-work out. It's awesome that it's in pill. Any pre-work out I've ever taken was a mix. That was a hassle to mix every time, and they never tasted well. I hadn't been using any pre-work out prior to starting Kratos Max. It's very effective.  Before I was crashing in the gym and feeling fatigued and tired, like I was out of energy and lethargic. Even on the first day with Kratos Max it was completely different. I was energetic, and I was doing more. I didn't get tired, and there wasn't an energy crash like I've experienced with other products. I also didn't get any jitters, or flushing of the skin.

    A very effective and clean feeling supplement. Would recommend.

    Nathaniel Kratos Max
  • I love this product!  I have been taking motion5 for a few months now and my flexibility has dramatically increased.  I have a very active lifestyle where I work out a lot, do yoga, go hiking, skiing, etc. so this product has helped my sore muscles to recover from my extreme work outs.  My mom has osteoporosis so I'm hoping that this product will help her as well & she has noticed a difference in just one week!  I highly recommend this product to all my family and friends because I think it's a high quality product!

    Bridget Motion 5
  • After having total knee replacement on one knee and during physical therapy, I injured my non-operated knee. At the same time, I had been experiencing some pain in my hips. I started taking Motion5™ on a daily basis and within 4 days was feeling like I was having very slight improvement in the pain in my knees. By 7 days, the improvement was more evident. Now, after 3 weeks I have little or no pain in my hips and the pain in my knees is becoming more manageable. I have been able to reduce the amount of pain medication I take and will hopefully be off prescription pain medication completely in the near future.

    Randy Motion 5
  • I've been using Rebound X2 for almost 2 months now - and boy what a difference it makes.  First of all, to my surprise - it tastes absolutely amazing (If you've tried other powdered supplements you'll know what I'm talking about).  Second, it cut my recovery time in half!  I used to have to wait 3-4 days to work out the same muscles but not anymore.  It also gives me a natural dose of energy that lasts throughout the entire day.  I no longer get the mid-day slump while I'm at work.  Bottom line Rebound X2 has become a part of my daily routine and I love it!  Thanks for creating a product that actually works!

    Moe A. Rebound X2
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